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Vehicles on duties of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention (RCJE8888)

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Vehicles on duties of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention
Announced by the UN NGO RCJE

To  USA and its aggression army USAF-CRAG (see Definitions of Terms)

Ms. Tsai Ing-wen(蔡英文女士), President of USAF-CRAG;
And please Ms. Tsai - the leader of USAF-CRAG follow the provisions of 1949 Geneva Conventions to hand up this mail to related authorities, your member and international organizations, such as:
1. President of the United States of America;
2. Taxes and Vehicles controlled by USAF-CRAG;
3. And other related organizations, including the ICRC, provided by the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

Published date: 20 August 2017, Heisei 29     
Document No.: RCJE-GCIV-CAR0819
Attachment: Red Cross Law of Japan Empire (You can download it from

Notification regarding the RCJE’s Vehicle running on duties of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention with Car Plate Number RCJE 8888, its former Car plate Number Z5-0886.


  1. Since 23 October 2015, RCJE has requisitioned the car, which car plate number is Z5-0886 registered in your USAF-CRAG’s civil vehicle registration – the Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office.
    On 26 April 2016 and on 25 July 2017, RCJE had notification your USAF-CRAG for the car Z5-0886 running on 1949 Geneva Convention duties.
  1. Pursuant to “Geneva Conventions of 1949”, “Proclamation of the Red Crystal Rising Sun Emblem having been the Emblem of Geneva Conventions of 1949 in territories of the occupied Japan Empire including Taiwan and Penghu by the JPE Government” and the “Red Cross Law of Japan Empire”, RCJE will use the car plate number RCJE 8888 to the said car since 24 August 2017.
  1. Please protect buildings, personnel, vehicles or material which are marked with the Red Crystal Rising Sun Emblem, to assist the protection of Human Rights provided by the Geneva Conventions of 1949, to give spiritual aid or material relief and assist their free flow with duty-free, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
  1. RCJE has its own vehicle examination center and this car has passed examination.
  1. If there is any notice for military security, please let us know.


Singed by United Nations’ NGO, Rescue Committee for the people of Japan Empire, also known as “Red Cross of Japan Empire”

President, Mr. Selig Tsai (蔡 世能)

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