Official Request for the International Committee of the Red Cross to be stationed in Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (Pescadores)


TO: International Committee of the Red Cross

CC: American Red Cross

From: Rescue Committee for the people of Japan Empire

Subject: Requesting International Committee of the Red Cross to be stationed in Taiwan(Formosa) and Penghu (Pescadores) by establishing Formosa Red Cross, or a branch of the American Red Cross Society.




We are persons without a state and still living under occupancy. We live in Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (Pescadores) where U.S.A is the Principle Power per SFPT Article 23. We are in custody in an occupying place governed by the power of Chiang Kai-shek from General Order No. 1, and Chiang's exiled Chinese government. We have been in custody for 68 years since September 2nd, 1945. We are not allowed to settle permanently in the country, Japan Empire or Japan (Meiji), where we lived. The sovereignty entity of our country is the Emperor of Japan. The Constitution of our country is Meiji Constitution. However, due to defeat of the war, our country is being occupied by the Allied Powers. Our government is being perished by General McArthur. The Allied Powers with U.S.A as the leading Occupying Power have not rebuilt our government of Japan Empire up to date. We, the persons without nationalities are still living in the formally occupied area and are not allowed to settle permanently in our country because of America and China’s tumultuous relationship. We declared that we understand and comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention and request Protection.

In order to help more persons who are without a state and are living under custody with a more humanitarian live, we organized the "Rescue Committee for the People of Japan Empire" on May 22, 2013, meanwhile, we have made declaration that we recognize all the content of Fourth Geneva Convention and comply with all of the provisions of Fourth Geneva Convention. We request the PROTECTION of Fourth Geneva Convention. 

We were citizens of Japan Empire with Meiji Constitution prior to September 2nd, 1945 when our country surrendered to Allied Powers with U.S.A as the leading Occupying Power.

According to U.S. General Douglas MacArthur's General Order No. 1, Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek occupies Taiwan (Formosa), Penghu (Pescadores) and Vietnam on behalf of Allied Powers. In 1949, the Chinese Civil War ended, The Chinese KMT party and their refugees fled to the occupying area Taiwan. According to the public information on the website of the U.S. Department of State, "When the civil war ended in 1949, "2 million refugees", predominately from the Nationalist government, military, and business community, fled to Taiwan."

The occupying power of the Chinese senior refugees were acting on behalf of the Allied Powers, now known as Chinese (government exiled in) Taipei or One of the Taiwan authorities in Taiwan Relation Act. They embezzled civil hospital, court and all our civil resources, properties which belong to us before occupying.

These high power Chinese refugees in Chinese Taipei masked their robbery behavior by becoming Nationality reseller issuing illegal “Refugee Identification” known as Republic of China Identification Card. We were forced to serve in the military and pay taxes to our enemy state.

Until today, these powerful Chinese refugees are still in control of politics and economics to deprive our human right in Taiwan (Formosa) and in Penghu (Pescadores). These high power Chinese refugees are enjoy superior and free medical treatments while we, stateless persons, are not able to afford medical that caused family suicide.

For the purpose of medical relieve, searching for missing persons, rescue children, pregnant women and seniors out of humanitarian rescue, we formally request International Committee of the Red Cross be stationed in Taiwan (Formosa) and in Penghu (Pescadores) base on the Fourth Geneva Convention in Protection of the civilian persons in the time of war.

Considering U.S.A. is the Principle Occupying Power of Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (Pescadores). We also request American Red Cross to come and establish Formosa Red Cross. For example, Hong Kong Red Cross was a branch of the British Red Cross Society in Hong Kong. As well as American Red Cross stationed in Puerto Rico in 1917.

Your any opinions can help us and let us deeply feel being concerned, we would appreciate your reply and looking forward Your Reply.



A. Entity: Rescue Committee for the people of Japan Empire

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